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How to get experience if they do not hire without experience?

The question of hiring young professionals is one of the most difficult. Who is the “young professional”? First, it is a person who gained some theoretical knowledge, but who does not have practical knowledge. Graduating from school, college, a young man begins to diligently seek employment, but not always where he can find space in his choice. And many do not even try to get a job with their professionalism, as they initially choose an educational institution at least for the sake of paper, rather than study for a job. One of the biggest challenges facing students today and today is the lack of work experience. And if during the course the employer is ready to make a compromise and take the student’s work without experience, but after receiving a diploma from many, the answer is no. Getting out of such a situation is not easy. You have to give up your desire and accept almost the first job offered. To make your life easier in the future, it makes sense to get your first job experience while you are still studying. Many students successfully combine college life with work not only to acquire knowledge of theory but also to practical experience.

However, even if you have work experience it is not a 100% guarantee of successful employment. The difficulty of finding a job can be caused by the fact that young professionals do not always comply with the employer’s wishes, such as salary, employee needs, skills that a professional must-have. What should you look for? Where does job search start? These days it is very important for young professionals to understand the situation in the labor market and to set appropriate barriers when looking for work. You need to explain your goals and abilities so that you can see what you can do and what skills you have and find ways to achieve your goals.

What opportunities are there for young people in the labor market?

You do not have to work in a fast-food restaurant, although these latter ones work hard and often. Students with a mathematical background can try their hand at the entry-level banking level. For human students, a good experience can be the work of employees or advertising agencies. How to prepare. Once you have decided on the position you want the professional you want, it is necessary to read the employer’s recommendations — the requirements set for this position. In addition to experience in a particular field, applicants are often required to learn foreign languages, computer programs, or specialized tools or techniques. To understand what employers will need from you, you can make a self-improvement plan in advance — for example, or in the early years of school enroll in classes to learn the necessary computer programs or another language.

Experience or salary?

When looking for a job after graduation or while studying, young professionals should not be guided by the salary level, but by the opportunity to gain the necessary experience and work experience in their chosen field. There are always companies in the labor market that are ready to train new professionals and have the time and resources to do so. Someone wants to attract graduates and teach them the details of their business, and for someone else, it’s an opportunity to stay within the staff budget. In addition, companies actively employ interns. This is a great way not only to gain initial experience but also to determine their future career aspirations. It is no secret that in the world there is a certain academic group that emerges from the real needs of the business. Students do not always have a clear idea of ​​what to expect next time in this area or in the workplace. So an internship is the best way to avoid disappointment and to choose your course in advance. The key is to focus on your future professional career and try to take the initiative even before you graduate.

Is there a solution?

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