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Building Your Unicorn Start-Up Company Made Simple: 4 Steps You Must take

The world is beginning to see that not everybody is cut out for the usual 9-5. While having a job doesn’t mean you're doing something wrong, some are not inclined toward working according to someone else’s constraints. You should also know that starting a company is not easy. A lot of work, insight, research and dedication is put into the building and scaling of your company from a StartUp into a unicorn StartUp. First, congratulations on making the decision to start your own company. It takes a lot of courage to come to this point, and many others like you may not even consider it for many reasons, but here you are.

Once upon a time, becoming a unicorn StartUp was rare. Now, these StartUps are hardly uncommon and have gained much popularity. If you’re wondering what it took Canva, Shein, Miro and many other unicorn companies to get to this point, then you must be reading the right article. Today, these companies have been through a lot to get their status, and the journey has certainly not been a breeze.

The team at TryWork has put together a few steps to discover what it takes to become a unicorn in the 21st century. These steps will guide you to building your dream StartUp and reaching your entrepreneurship goals.


Building your own StartUp begins here. What is that idea that you want to share with the world? What is that groundbreaking solution that you know will help solve user problems? If there’s anything that has moved the world forward through time, it has been the budding ideas that people pool out.

Conduct market research if you already have a market you want to venture into. Understand the companies, users and data connected with this industry and allow yourself to see the problems lying within. As you do this, take note of the ideas that come to your mind and expand on each of them.


One of the most important habits when building your company is communication. You must learn to network and learn from others. Doing this works hand in hand with improving your idea. While it helps to have selected an industry to venture into, you need to network and learn from other leaders in the industry. Find a group of people or programme that helps you grow, and learn more about entrepreneurship and what it will take to build your unicorn company.

At TryWork, our five-month entrepreneurship programme takes you through 5 stages of training and has been carefully curated to equip you with the necessary soft and hard skills to help build your own unicorn. In this 5-month programme at TryWork, you will get insider information from StartUps and their leaders; you will explore the industry of your choice and get a chance to experiment before jumping into the sea of entrepreneurship. The best part, you build a network of mentors and like-minded people.


Great ideas are worthless until they are implemented. Unicorns stand out from the crowd because they have the appropriate people, skills, technologies, and data to make magic happen. As you network with industry heads and build your network, you will find like-minded team members interested in building your idea to its full potential. A great deal of teamwork goes into making StartUps succeed. The key mindset entrepreneurs need to adopt whilst building their unicorn companies is collaboration. To build the best team, start with you. Evaluate yourself honestly and know your skillset. Whilst building your dream team, remember to recruit people with not only the necessary skillset but also with great personalities. A team with great personalities utilises strengths and improves any weaknesses that could be a cause of failure.

“Teamwork makes dream work”


There are so many people waiting to help grow amazing ideas. As you build out your idea and your team, remember to factor in investors and leave plenty of room for growth. It is critical to demonstrate to investors that you're serious about pursuing your goals, whether or not you receive finance. This entails taking issues into your own hands, launching a product, and tracking your progress to demonstrate viability.

Keep in mind that you want to run a unicorn company, so think big. Also, make sure the culture of your company is magnetic. No one will want to leave a job where people have fun together, encourage one other, and grow together.

Building your StartUp can look like a lot. You must act like a unicorn from the beginning if you want to be one. Yes, you should expect to learn some hard lessons and fail along the way, but you should always act as if success is guaranteed. That is, whatever actions or policies you make today should be consistent with your long-term goals. Build network mentors and peers with the same goals. TryWork provides instant enrollment to an ultimate programme to equip participants with all required soft and hard skills to succeed in the job market or build a unicorn. Our Entrepreneurship programme is 5 months long and is built into 5 stages. The lessons range from familiarising yourself with company goals and policies to measuring performance and building the right frameworks to achieve success. More details on the programme can be found on our website Also, feel free to follow us on Instagram, Medium, and LinkedIn to learn more about our programmes and stay up to date with the latest developments.

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