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6 signs you need TryWork

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Did you know that 50% of startups will fail in the first three years, and only one out of ten will become unicorn startUps? According to business owners, the reasons for failure include loss of income, poor market share, lack of research, poor relationships, poor marketing performance and lack of expertise in the field. Some research also shows that it could take fresh graduates between three to six months to find a job in a good situation, in other circumstances it takes almost two years to find a job in your profession after graduation.

What is the cause of these critical problems, and where can we the answer?

TryWork was founded, TryWork to help solve these problems. This is why you need us!

  • Sign ONE

Marketing efforts do not bring results to your startup.

Amongst reasons why startups fail, almost 30% is due to lack or inefficient marketing management. It takes time to find your audience, learn the value of customer acquisition and pick the right approach for your StartUp. However, it might become very overwhelming and difficult to find the right approach. Bringing the TryWork programme to your company will allow you to boost your marketing efforts by 250% and test 10 different strategies within five months, and apply the best as a standard approach for the company.

  • Sign TWO

You can’t find your professional purpose.

Still don’t know what you’re good at, what you love, and what you can be paid for? A majority of individuals enrol themselves in training courses to obtain new skills and professions, but you find yourself again at an entry-level position at a new job. TryWork allows you to make a gradual career switch by spending only 2 hours per day to grasp new work and gain practical experience, which can help trainees seem more attractive when applying for a senior position in a new field.

  • Sign THREE

Missing the right team.

Challenged in finding the right talent for your company? It is crucial to building a great hiring and onboarding experience for employees to ensure the best talent comes to drive your business and retain efficient and inspired work. Making the mistakes of hiring an unfit team will cost the team/company hours in inefficient work, rob HRs of their benefits, and much more. At TryWork, we provide a tailored approach to managing internships and hiring processes to entirely focus on finding only the right talents, eliminate nepotism, and help more youth gain valuable experience in their future applications to big corporations.

  • Sign FOUR

Your University needs more students.

“At our University, we guarantee 1.5 years of working experience in international companies per completion of Bachelor's degree”.

This simple statement describes what TryWork does for Institutions and how we can create a unique proposition that will bring your Institution to a new global level and create an exclusive academic Hub full of opportunities for your Alumni.

  • Sign FIVE

No budget/need for a sustainability team.

Today’s world is moving towards sustainability, and more requirements are being developed at international, regional, and local levels to monitor the implementation of sustainable practices. At TryWork, we will onboard a team of Interns and top sustainability experts to build processes that will assist your company towards desirable accreditation, whether ISO or Local certification, to bring your business to the next level and start contributing to sustainable development.

  • Sign SIX

You dream of starting your own business, but you don’t know where to start.

How to switch successfully from 9/5 and assure yourself of financial stability? The start and planning stages are the core heart and soul of startup success. Once you step on the entrepreneurship path, the only way left to go is up. Challenges will appear in different areas, and the best way to get prepared is to learn through experience.

TryWork invites you to unique training/practical programmes in entrepreneurship. You will join a startUp and observe all the best ways and processes needed to thoroughly test entrepreneurship life before jumping in

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