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For Institutions, StartUps and Individuals,

TryWork is the team of people and web platform

that changes the employment algorithm

without devaluing youth talents and business needs,

so they can build long-lasting triple win relationships,

because accelerating talent and job distribution

will allow us to build

a better connected society

solving global issues

regionally and globally.




Three problems we address

Losses of investments, scams and frauds

700 millions invested in Startups in 
the MENA Region in 2021 -
50% of Startups will FAIL
within first 3 years
That brings losses to VC/PE funds.

Lack of HR resources in startups to grow

Employers spend an average of 33% of worker’s annual salary to replace just ONE employee.
That is a big price for new companies to risk when starting a business.

Gaining work experience for fresh graduates

55% Recent college graduates will leave their first job 
in the 1st year.
That pushing away companies to hire fresh / unexperienced professionals.

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